Can You Make Money Taking Surveys?

Yes. You can make money from taking surveys. Companies pay consumers for their opinion as part of their research when they are in the process of  implementing changes to their industry, such as adding new products to their inventory or coming up with new strategies.

There really is money from online surveys but you have to find a legitimate website for this to work. Apparently, there are many legitimate websites, such as MBROG and Palm Research, which offer cash in exchange for participating to online surveys. Also, there are survey sites that reward participants with points, such as Global Test Market, which can be converted into cash upon payout. However, taking surveys is neither a get rich quick scheme nor a source of stable income.

How much you can make from taking surveys varies by website and other factors. In most cases, the cost per survey is more or less $2. However, it could take you some time, even months before you can actually withdraw your money because survey invites are only sent to you if you qualify for a survey. Because the competition between participants is high, chances are invites are very occasional, usually two only in a month. Therefore, it is not advisable for this scheme to be one’s source of stable income.

The process of participating to surveys is not as complicated as other means of earning online like blogging. Your only requirements will be some time and a computer with Internet connection. After you have signed up for an account, you can start taking surveys provided that you qualify to take it. In some cases, surveys are sent directly to your email. But then again, this will depend if you qualify for that survey. Note also that some websites have restrictions, such as the participant’s country of origin, so be sure to check it first before actually signing up.

The surveys on this site are generally not geared towards pay, but are focused on getting actual feedback to help improve the corporate operations of restaurants, grocery and department stores. Popular surveys which you may want to look at to get an idea of the process if you do plan on trying to go through a paid service are as follows:

If you plan to try taking surveys to earn extra cash, then your first approach should be to find high-paying and legitimate survey websites. Some of the best survey websites at present are MBROG, Palm Research, and Esearch. Check also if your country is in their restriction so as not to waste time on sign up. You may choose to register to as many legitimate websites as you can for more chances of receiving survey invites. Lastly, check their mode of payment and be sure to have it ready before you cash out.