www.Violationinfo.com – Pay your Red Light Traffic Violation

Traffic tickets are not all issued by a police officer pulling you over with his red and blue lights going. There are new advancements in technology that allow you to receive a tick if you commit a traffic violation associated with a red stop light. People now receive correspondence by mail in regards to traffic violations they have made, and additionally they now have the option to pay the ticket or dispute right at their home computer terminalsusing www.violationinfo.com. In some jurisdictions, people can now have their vehicle registration either refused or revoked due to not tending to these matters. Violationinfo.com can assist you with paying your traffic tickets right on your home computer terminal. This website can even show people pictures/videos of their violations. You will have to have the following items in your possession to utilize this service:


● Information you received in the mail.

● a computer that is connected to the internet.

● in the top right corner of the letter, you will notice a pin number and a notice number. You will need these two numbers




1. Enter the website address violationinfo.com into your internet browser.

2. If you intend to simply pay the ticket andforget about it, go to the left middle side of the page and click on the “pay ticket” icon. This is where you will need both the aforementioned pin number and notice number. Enter them in the spaces requested. You can use various forms of payment, a credit card or an echeck, for example.

3. In the center of the page, there is an icon marked “view violation” you can click if that is indeed what you are interested in doing. The pin and notice numbers will be needed here as well, should you select this option. You can see pictures of your violations this way, and in most cases a video of it. You can see your violation as many times as you please.

Violationinfo.com also states that traffic accidents, fatal and otherwise, have decreased significantly since the cameras have been installed to catch people in the act of running red lights. Some states take the money from the payments of these red light violation fines and use them to fund programs that they have to help their communities.

In closing, viewyourviolation.com can help you check out your traffic violations for yourself instead of having of having to mentally recap what you thought or remembered happening however long ago it was. It also gives you the ability to pay or dispute traffic tickets right on your computer. It is sort of a virtual traffic court.