Toys’R’Us Product Protection

Toys’ R’ Us is certainly the household in the global toy industry and for absolutely good reasons. Actually their 70 years of experience in the market have made them nothing short of a darling for toy lovers internationally. It is not easy to remain relevant in this competitive industry but somehow the incredible business has managed to survive by keeping customers satisfied.

During inception, the business sold furniture for babies but due to customer demand, they started selling baby toys and today, you can find toys for older children. The company has really grown to be the proud owner of branches across the globe. Statistics indicate that there are 600 Toys’ R’Us stores all over the world. Recently the company has started the Buyer Protection Programs which is very interesting.

About the Program

Aiming at improving the customer experience, the business developed two special plans: Service Plan and Replacement plan. Customers can choose between any of these plans to enjoy various benefits. They provide you good protection if you are looking to have a product replaced or serviced. Each product benefits from the plan according to its value. For a $300 item for example, you can choose a replacement plan that will be valid for 450 days from the purchase date. You can also opt for a service plan on the same item but a longer time frame of 2-3 years.

One might think that these two plans translate to extra costs but that could never be further from the truth. You will not be required to pay an extra dime for this program meant to protect you. This is an elite way to safeguard you and the products against unprecedented losses. Mechanical problems, manufacturing defects and even power surges are covered under these plans.

How to Join

  1. Enter the Url
  2. You will be prompted to fill in registration details before you can get started
  3. Select the plan you wish to apply for
  4. Continue and choose the product you want to put under the plan

These are the simple steps leading to less worry with your kids toys. When you buy toys from this company, always have them covered fro free to allow your kids to play in peace. You can have them replaced or serviced any day with these awesome plans. Every child deserves a good and working toy from the company that so thoughtfully services and replaces them if they get damaged. All this for stress free play is simply amazing.