Walmart Product Care Plan

Walmart is the biggest retailer in the world according to the latest statistics. With the biggest customer base, most employees and the biggest presence in foreign countries the departmental stores have certainly made their place in the global scene. The customers have been loyal since 1962 and it is time for the family owned business to reward them.

Those who love shopping at the store have a surprise waiting for them to make their shopping experience much better. It is the agenda of every thriving business to make their customers a confident and satisfied as they possibly could. Big companies cannot neglect customer care if they want their products to be appreciated. It is a thoughtful idea to care and thank customers once in a while to encourage them to shop at your stores and Walmart has done just that. The stores are now offering a number of product care plans to ensure that you get the best support whenever you need it. If you shop at Wal-Mart, it is important for you to register the product care plan to access these impressive support tools. For the Wal-Mart installation service customers are encouraged to visit the Wal-Mart product assist site. This site has everything you need to get the service.


  • A computer or mobile device with a good internet connection
  • The product receipt

How to:

  1. Visit and click ‘Get started’ to continue
  2. Answer the question asking whether you bought online or in store
  3. You will be asked for some personal information like your names, email, phone number, country and zip code
  4. After you are done providing these details you will be led to a page asking for purchase details
  5. When you are done, go on to purchase a personal Wal-Mart installation service
  6. You will then be asked to confirm your purchase and that is it! You have your product care plan.

With the plans you won’t be afraid of buying valuable products as you are confident installation will be done by true professionals. This is part of the company’s bid to please their customers even more and improve their service delivery to them. This is very important for any business that wants to remain relevant in the following years. Customers definitely prefer having their product installed by experts because there is too much risk when fumbling with a new gadget. There is very low possibility of damage when your product is covered in Wal-Mart’s product installation plan.