Wendys Customer Feedback

If you love eating at Wendy’s and wish for the day you would have a say about their food, you are in luck. There is a chance for you to take part in the restaurants’ customer survey aimed to satisfy you more. By giving your honest opinion, you stand a chance to save some cash on your next trip to your favorite Wendy’s.

What is this survey about?

Wendy’s is a food chain started in 1969. Today, the fast food restaurant has become one of the big players in the market. Actually, they only have Burger King and McDonalds to contend with in the competitive fast food industry. Walk into any of the famous restaurants across the world and you will be greeted by enticing aromas of Chicken, Hamburgers, French Fries, different sandwiches, and a plethora of beverage drinks to go with your food.
The hotel chain is currently running a survey aimed at customer satisfaction. Buyers give their opinion about Wendy’s products and the company promises to use it to make changes suitable for the customer. To thank you for providing important information, you are rewarded with a special coupon code. This code can then be redeemed next time you want something from the restaurant.

How to take part

What you need;

Access to an internet connected device is mandatory since this is and online survey. Have a receipt from Wendy’s near you


  1. Click on the Wendy’s Link  to get connected to the official site from where to take the survey.
  2.  Select your language-Spanish, French, or English
  3.  When you do this, click to select the country where the restaurant is located.
  4.  Then hit ‘Next’ to be taken to the ‘survey page’. When you click the ‘take survey’ link, you will be required to type in some information from your unique receipt. The data required is the store’s number, amount used and date of your purchase.
  5.  Provide an email address where the code will be sent after completion of the survey. After this hit the ‘Next’ button to answer the questions.
  6.  When you are all done hit click the ‘submit’ button and look for the ‘Wendy’s Coupon Code’ in your mail.

For more information about this customer satisfaction survey by Wendy’s visit the official site. You will get any information you might need about Wendy’s restaurant including this and other surveys. This special survey is geared toward meeting the demands of their esteemed customer. This is because the global fast foods restaurant chain understands that unlike when they started, their customers’ preferences have changed. By changing with their customers, more success for the restaurants is inevitable.