Which Fast Food Places Have the Healthiest Menus?

You might be wondering if there is really something healthy to eat in fast food chains. Well, there is – and you can be surprised to know that your favorite meal at McDonalds is actually the healthiest option in their menu.

Fast foods are not always on the negative track. In fact some of their meals are healthier than what we serve at home. Have a look at the following fast food chains and get to know the healthiest options they have in their menu.


Starbucks isn’t just about hot and cold coffee. Although coffee is rich in antioxidants, even more than green tea and red wine, there are also healthy meals served in this food establishment. One example is the Strawberry Blueberry Yogurt Parfait. Yogurt contains probiotics which is good for digestion while the fruits are a good source of fiber. The additional granola even makes it a more delicious snack with a total of 290 calories and only 180mg sodium.


Surprisingly, there are some healthy options at McDonalds. You can opt for their grilled chicken sandwich with extra serving of TLC. This meal is well-balance in terms of calories, sodium, fat, and protein. Remember to remove the mayo to get rid of 50 calories and 6 grams fat. You can also get the fruits and walnuts for the side. This is just a total of 210 calories and 60 mg sodium.


Settle for a 6-inch sandwich when you drop by at Subway rather than the 12-inch. Get the turkey sub with a serving of avocado and fresh veggies; tomato, cucumber, lettuce, and olives. You have protein, carbs, fiber and more for just 360 calories.


Try to add spice to your diet with Wendy’s chili. It only has a total of 310 calories if your remove the cheese and the crackers. It also contains fiber at 10 grams and protein at 26 grams.


Who says there is nothing healthy to eat at KFC? Lower the fat in your chicken meal by getting the skin off. Instead of pouring the gravy directly into mashed potato, try to dip fork into the gravy before you scoop the mashed potato. You can get rid of 30 calories while still getting the flavor from this approach.

When you are away from home and need to grab something to fuel up, drop by at any these fast food establishments for a serving of healthy, mouthwatering meal.