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If a person enjoys a fine custom made cup of coffee then most likely Starbucks has been a location they have visited in the not too distant past.  This international coffeehouse chain has made their reputation by serving delicious coffee, fast and in an atmosphere of welcoming friendship.  Starbucks has become synonymous with good coffee and that isn’t a mistake.  Offering the Starbucks Beverage Feedback Survey allows for a direct pipeline of information from their customers.

Starbucks Beverage Feedback Survey

If you have ever enjoyed a great specialty beverage at Starbucks then they want you to take part in the Starbucks Customer Feedback Survey.  This gives you a chance to tell them exactly what you think about their coffee, beverages and food offerings.  The Starbucks Beverage Feedback Survey is an online survey that can be filled out at the customer’s convenience at home.  It won’t take a long time and it provides a great measuring stick to the company for how they are doing in the competitive world of caffeinated beverages.

For sharing their valuable opinions about the Starbucks experience, the customer will get a Starbucks tall beverage offer as printed on your receipt during your next visit at Starbucks.  All a customer has to do is to complete the survey honestly and completely and they will reap the benefits of delicious free coffee from one of the most popular coffeehouse chains in the world.

Participating in the Starbucks Beverage Feedback Survey

The Survey Requirements

  • Survey takers must have computer, tablet or smart phone with internet connectivity
  • Survey takers must have a recent receipt from a Starbucks restaurant


How to take the survey

  • Customers should visit the Starbucks Beverage Feedback Survey on the Starbucks website.
  • Fill in the store number which is clearly marked on the sales receipt
  • Customers must then enter the date of their visit on the receipt.
  • Customer then answers all of the survey questions completely and honestly
  • When the survey is completed the customer will receive a Starbucks tall beverage offer during your next visit at Starbucks